Synton-MDP LTD

Helmstrasse 1
2562 Port


Phone+41 32'332'91'00
Fax+41 32'332'91'01


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2018: Synton-MDP buys a new highvacuum brazing oven for temperatures up to 2000°C. This equipment allows to optimize the high-temperature tips.
2013 Synton-MDP takes over the activities of Wabawaska GmbH. Wabawaska is a specialist in high-vacuum brazing. This is the beginning of a successful exchange of the key technology “active brazing”.
2010: Synton-MDP produces first tips with alternative crystals like WC, B4C, SiC, CBN etc. This is the start for all hightemperature tips.
2007: Synton-MDP Ltd moved to the new headquarters in Nidau.
2002: Synton-MDP Ltd is sold to Meyco Holdings.
2002: Synton-MDP Ltd is founded. The production of micro diamond tips for industrial applications is transferred to this new company.
1989: Synton AG produces the first diamond stylus and Indenter. This is the beginning of activities for Synton-MDP.
1962: Synton Ltd is founded for the production of jewels for instruments and gramophone needles in diamond and sapphire.
1951: Paul Jost built a new modern building for the company and renamed the business Paul Jost Ltd.
1939: Alfred Jost passed the company to his son Paul, who continuously expanded the company.
1902: Alfred Jost founded the company Jost for blanks for watch jewels.