Synton-MDP LTD

Helmstrasse 1
2562 Port


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Our efficient production consists of several identical grinding lines as well as some special grinding machines for special parts. All of our machines and equipment are concepted, designed and manufactured by ourselves. Thanks to this approach we can best respond to customer needs. These are our strength:

Polishing line for spherical tips: Several identical polishing lines provide the necessary capacity of spherical diamond tips with radii between 1um and 25um.
Polishing line for large radii: A polishing line is set up for large radii. This enables us to manufacture spherical diamond tips with radii between 50um and 800um.
Polishing line for facettes: A polishing line is set up for for faceting. This enables the production of tips as Berkovich, Vickers, Cubecorner, etc.
Mechanical workshop: A modern equipped workshop enables us to perform all mechanical work ourself. Our machinery includes truning machine, milling machine, drill press, grinder, etc.
Clean room: Brazing require special cleanliness. Our Cleanroom Class 100 meets this requirement well.