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Stylus (probes) are small tips in diamond. These are used in measuring instruments, which analyze the surface of a work piece (roughness, profile)

Spherical tips

Angle   30...90°
Radius   1...3000um
Material   diamond (standard), ruby (restricted angle and radius), tungsten carbide (restricted angle and radius)
Length of diamond   depending on angle and holder
Material of holder   titanium, stainless steel
Diameter of holder   D=0.3…2.5mm
Length of holder   L=0.5…15mm

Chisel tip

Angle   60°, 90°
Radius on the edge   pointed, 5um, 10um, 300um
Material   diamond

Measuring arm

Diameter of the arm   ≥0.3mm
Material of the arm   stainless steel
tip   see "Spherical tips"